Software License Agreement

    PROBUS has a confidential policy to obey with its customers and vendors. We at Probus insists our prospect customer to have a mutual understanding memorandaom, also refered as software licnese agreement before we initiate a financial deal. The Software License Agreement is a fine and legal copy of agreement having all the professional points of post sales terms and conditions. We and the buyer are bound to follow the the agreement. The deal cannot be initiated unless the Software License Agreement is signed.

Types of information we collect

Before initiating the project activity, the business processes are well studied and documented. We collect information about your customer data, inventroy data, taxes and production proces. The data collected is transferred to us with registered email id's of PROBUS. We do not accept any sensetive data having market value.

Use of Information

We use the collected information only for the development and implementation process. We at PROBUS, customize your reporting formats as per your requirement..


Users of our software has to undergo training sessions orgonised by us. We do not encourage users to start data entry in a software provided by us unless training is delivered.